Wild boar salami



Wild boar salami is a special product that goes perfectly with our other products and is also excellent to eat as a snack.

Information on wild boar salami

This type of salami is made with pork and a percentage of wild boar meat; this meat gives a special taste to the salami and differentiates it from the norcino salami for its composition.

Wild boar salami has a lower percentage of fat than other types of salami made exclusively with pork, the taste is slightly more intense and the color is slightly darker.

It is available in the version with a weight of about 250 g (often even larger)

It is also available in two types, a smaller one with a weight of approximately 250 g and a larger one of approximately 400 g. These animals are very similar to pigs, but always living in the wild have a different diet from farm animals.

Are you looking for other products to combine with this salami? Discover the small sausages or products such as mortadella with wild boar or speck.

We advise you to combine the tasting of this product with one of the artisanal beers of Norcia and surroundings and with our softer cheeses such as FRESH CHEESE or CREAMY CHEESE which, with their delicate taste, combine perfectly to make a complete tasting. .

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250gr, 400gr