Mule balls



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The cured meats in Norcia are often very different and in cases such as with the Coglioni di Mulo type, you can find a very different taste than usual.

The mule balls are always a pork-based cured meat and the name is given by their shape, a characteristic “drop shape” and therefore, given the specific “testicles” shape and given the similarity with the testicles of the mule , it is given the characteristic denomination.

The flavor is enhanced by the central component, a compact piece of fat, which keeps the product soft despite aging.

With the testicle shape, always with a very fine meat mixture, the version without the lard in the center is also available.

In summary, when you order, choose the smaller version (without lard) and you will have a compact mule coglioni salami, with a mixture visually similar to salami Milano, or choose the version with lard and you will have the real and original Coglione di Mulo salami with a mixture of very fine meats and lard in the center that will keep the product soft despite aging.

Weight about 250/300 gr.


How and when to enjoy it?

The slice, once it reaches the lard, will appear with the evident central white, a visual white but with a deep taste and perfect for cold cuts and for a delicious aperitif.

Combine this salami with truffle salami and create a special cutting board!

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pack of 3 small pieces, with lard, without lard