Wild boar mortadella from Norcia



Mortadella with wild boar and pork

Wild boar mortadella is made with a recipe that perfectly combines wild boar meat with pork. The proportions have been set to give the product a strong but at the same time soft taste. The dough is made with healthy and lean meats, with a limited fat content.

Its taste is unmistakable and, in this special version, it has a set of aromas that enhance the taste of mortadella. It should be sliced and enjoyed paired with bread or as an appetizer, perhaps together with a little sparkling wine.

Its high quality, the mixture with attention to detail and the flavor amplified by the aromas, will allow you to make a great tasting with a product that is easy to manage.

Mortadella is made from first choice pork and wild boar meat, it is ideal with focaccia, also excellent as a snack for the most dynamic kids.

It is available in vacuum-packed pieces of 1 kg and about 500 gr. For different orders we advise you to contact us.

Why is wild boar used a lot in Norcia?

Our territory is partly immersed in the Sibillini National Park, a place where the wild boar feels perfectly set. Our woods, rich in oaks and endowed with a lively undergrowth, are the perfect habitat for a species that lives in absolute freedom. Wild boar meats are stronger than the pork version, are drier and usually have a more intense flavor.

In this specific mortadella the two meats are mixed to give a strong but not strong flavor, soft but with a limited fat content.

Some darker notes of the dough outline the presence of different meats.

Try the local mortadella and let us know what you think!

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whole about 1kg, 500 g