Seasoned pork coppiette



Pork, specifically the lean parts such as fillet and loin, gives rise to a tasty and simple product: coppiette.

Normally the couples are packaged in packages of about 150/170 gr, but it is also possible to make requests for specific orders in larger or smaller packages, depending on the needs of use.

The coppiette produced in Norcia are also commercially known as ROMAN COPPIETTE, a product that was initially made with horse meat.

Some curiosities about pork couples

The name derives from the original preparation. The long, thin strip of meat is traditionally tied in the center and left, even for several months, hanging from the ceiling. The natural seasoning period made this product dry and folded in two, as if they were a pair of strips. Nowadays they mature in shorter times.

Pork coppiette are a simple product, but given the traditional experience of the butchery, they are enriched with aromas and spices that make this dried meat very tasty and spicy.


To date the coppiette di Norcia are exclusively made with pork, spiced with chilli or sometimes with fennel. Even if not spiced, the couples will be well salted.


This product, with an extremely low fat content, is perfect in many diets where protein plays a fundamental role.

Package Weight: About 200g

The package is sold in vacuum-packed format, and this guarantees a product that is always well preserved and with the right degree of softness. Once opened they can dry faster, we recommend storing them within a few days of opening.

How to consume them

Try the couples as an afternoon meal or as a food to take with you, even on the street, it is a product that does not spoil out of the fridge.

Accompany the couples with a good glass of red wine, try for example a good Rosso di Montefalco

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