Salame Norcino with fennel



Try our most flavored product: the Norcino salami with fennel, a real specialty for gourmets!

Salame Norcino with fennel is available in two sizes: in slices of about 700 g (vacuum slices) or the larger piece of about 1,200 kg is also available.

This type of salami is seasoned and is produced with “coarse” minced meat and is flavored by mixing fennel seeds in the recipe.


Main ingredients: the cuts used are the shoulder, the belly and the pillow, with the addition of salt, pepper (but only in recent decades), red wine and a clove of garlic, obviously you can not miss the fennel.

The preparation is stuffed into a casing and left to mature for at least five months.

As Tecnichef also describes, the original product of Norcia was often flavored with wild fennel, originally to hide any too strong odors, today to flavor our cured meats in the best way.

If you are looking for a simpler product we suggest you take a look at our CLASSIC SALAME NORCINO.

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If you come to Norcia you can also think about trying this product in our store with the tasting of cold cuts in Norcia. If, on the other hand, you are not planning any trip at the moment, you can order it together with the other recommended products to create excellent combinations directly at your home, perhaps even together with an ARTISAN BEER.

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slice 700 g, slice 1.2 Kg