Corallina salami



The flavor of the traditional butchery is given by the Salame Corallina, a product that in the area we consider “Il Salame”, as this is the first and main salami of our tradition. Thanks to Corallina you can enjoy today a product that has a very special history and that owes its name to its shape and texture, but let’s find out everything in detail.

Weight about 550 grams

Available for whole online sale only.

The salami is processed in a traditional way, as required by the customs handed down for generations in the field of butchery, but the peculiarity that characterizes our oldest salami is its internal structure.

How Corallina Salami is made

The original production consisted in filling a natural casing with finely ground pork (to be clear, such as Salame Milano) and adding the lard cut with a knife tip. The coarse grain of the lard of this sausage favors its aging for a longer period than normal. Usually this particular salami is made in early January and is eaten in late March-early April, with a traditionally maturing period of at least 80 days.

The part relating to the “lean” is compact and creates, after curing, a “hard” layer that remains perfect on the palate thanks to the part of the lard that does not dry instantly.

This ancient salami produced in Norcia as a custom, opens for the first time in the year at the Easter breakfast, traditionally about 2-3 months after its realization. Nowadays, salami is produced all year round, so there are no problems finding it in spring, summer or any other season.


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