Cured meats and sausages: Norcia delicatessen

Norcineria Laudani has a large selection of cured meats, in practice it can be defined as the Norcia delicatessen. The butchery is the profession that has its origins in Norcia, and the “norcino” is the person who processes pork.
Norcia delicatessen products
One of the products that our customers most often look for as Norcia delicatessen products is corallina, a salami where each slice shows coarse-grained lard and is the most typical product of the Nursina tradition.

Another product much appreciated by our customers is the “coglione di mulo”, a fine-grained salami.

Do you want a different product? Discover the CREAMY, a freshly made salami that can be spread on a slice of toast.

Or there is salami with fennel, wild boar, beer … MANY types of cold cuts, all at your disposal, with a click at your home!

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Showing 1–12 of 19 results