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Norcino salami is a cured meat from the Norcineria tradition, the art of processing pork which, thanks to the Benedictine monks and the nearby surgical school of Sant’Eutizio and thanks to the pig farms present in the area since the 70s AD, was born in Norcia (from which it takes its name). The Norcineria trade is located between Norcia and the Preci area also in the Florence of the 1500s, they were those who controlled the cycle of killing the pig, transport and processing, ensuring that everything was done in precise times, they ensured its correct storage and prevented the deterioration of fresh meat.

Ingredients and format of Norcino Salami

Norcino salami is produced with pork meat carefully selected and then ground to medium grain: not as thin as with products such as spreadable salami but not as large as coral salami.

The flavor is unsalted, almost sweet, and is available in two sizes, the small version of 250 g and the larger version, almost double, of 450 g.
The product is seasoned and keeps perfectly even at room temperature, but once it arrives in your home we recommend keeping it in the refrigerator.

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250gr, 450gr