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The fresh cheese we sell is made with cow’s milk, it is sweetish, with regular holes. This is not a fresh product to be understood as just made but it is fresh as it is a cheese made with cow’s milk and is aged for a relatively short period.

The internal compound has a hard texture, but it is perfect for use as a table cheese, to be used in a cutting board or for the preparation of tasty croutons.

The seasoned product takes on a straw-yellow color inside which, in the cooler pieces, tends to white. As the maturation increases, the outer part becomes more and more colored, if you are looking for a cheese with a dark brown exterior, you are probably looking for the 180-day matured version. Discover the aged pecorino here, it is a different cheese, with a more intense flavor and with a longer seasoning. Pecorino aged over 6 months is practically lactose free.


The fresh cheese that you can find in our butchery is made with the classic methodology of the shepherd, with the exception of the rennet (the shepherd with the old recipe used natural rennet), the whole procedure of realization follows the guidelines of the peasant tradition.

The cheese maturing period is about 40-60 days, and they are all spent inside a cold room that simulates the behavior of the old cellars, in terms of humidity and air temperature.

How to use fresh cheese

Cheese is used as a table product, excellent inside a cutting board or as a main course. With a little additional seasoning it can also be used to flavor some of the more traditional dishes of our area.

It is not a tasty cheese like pecorino can be, but it has a strong flavor that differentiates it from soft caciotta.


Do you want to make a gift box with the typical products of Norcia? We can also make the quarter version and it can be inserted inside the package as a vacuum product.

All the products that are shipped from Norcineria Laudani, when cut or divided, are placed in vacuum bags. With the vacuum you can keep the product in excellent condition until it arrives in your home.


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whole about 3.5 kg, half about 1.8 kg