Wild boar sausage



Wild boar sausages are mainly made with pork to which wild boar meat is added, thus enhancing the flavor.

Sausages with wild boar

The sasicce are made according to the old local tradition which, with its hunters, is not new to the processing of the meat of these wild pigs. In fact, the wild boar is a “pig that has always lived in the wild, feeds on the products it finds in the forests and is always on the move”, an animal that resists in summer and winter by moving through the woods and mountains, between the valleys and areas rich in berries and with a “live” undergrowth.

How is the taste of this meat and this product? These sausages take on a stronger flavor than plain sausages and have a content

All the products are original from the “nursina” tradition, as they are the basis of the “norcineria” of which Norcia is very expert!


If you are looking for a similar product you can try SALAME WITH BOAR, a very typical salami of our mountains, made in a very similar way to these sausages. If you want to complete your table with the utmost taste and the best of Umbrian products you can discover the types of WINE available, all Umbrian.


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