Shepherd’s pecorino in Valnerina – about 1kg


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Pecorino semistagionato 40/50 giorni di Norcia

Pecorino della Valnerina is a cheese made directly by the shepherd, a top quality product that allows you to take advantage of an extremely local origin both of the milk, therefore of the raw materials, and of the processing as it is made in a micro dairy in the area.

Semi-cured pecorino cheese is produced in small forms of about 1,200 kg, aged about 40-50 days and usually has a different size from piece to piece being an extremely artisanal product.

Unfortunately, being a local product made in small quantities, there is the possibility of not always finding it available. We therefore invite you to order it in advance so as to have it available for the right time.

Pecorino cheese is also available in other formats, from other producers, take a look at the more aged version up to 60 days or the aged version up to 90 days. Also check out the seasoned version up to 12-15 months.

If you want to combine pecorino with a particular product, we invite you to try the sauces and compotes available on our website.

We remind you that buying products of this type (absolutely artisanal) can only give you enormous advantages: the price is extremely balanced, the origin is guaranteed as they are products made in the area and the ingredients used are always of the highest quality.

This particular cheese is made entirely, 100% with sheep’s milk with a guarantee of grazing and processing in Valnerina.

Shepherd’s semi-cured pecorino cheese is produced in a standard 1 kg format and is not cut, it is available for sale only in whole forms.

Optimal conservation at 5/10 degrees and, therefore, it is absolutely recommended to keep the shepherd’s pecorino in your refrigerator.

Aged for about 40/50 days

The weight of the form of pecorino della Valnerina is about 1 kg.

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