Aged pecorino trombarolo


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The aged pecorino is a typical cheese from the lands of central Italy. It is a cheese made exclusively with sheep’s milk and left to mature in a humid environment (like old cellars) where the flavor becomes more and more decisive and where a yellow / orange layer is formed that envelops the whole shape and becomes more dark as the months go by.

This cheese is made with sheep’s milk and has a strong and slightly spicy flavor.

The whole wheel of aged pecorino trombarolo is about 4 kg

Seasoning of pecorino

Matured for 12/15 months strictly in the cellar.

Sales format

It is normally sold in cuts of about half kg, 1 kg and 2 kg. Special formats can be requested by CONTACTING US

Uses in the kitchen

The aged pecorino trombarolo is to be combined with mixed appetizers, with cured meats or jams, it also goes very well as a second course in a light meal.

It is often used grated to give a strong flavor to first courses such as the famous pasta alla Gricia Try it to make one of the most traditional pasta of central Italy: pasta alla Gricia. (they are always to be combined with a good pork cheek). Discover the RECIPE OF PASTA ALLA GRICIA or PASTA ALL’AMATRICIANA.


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Aged pecorino trombarolo

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