Pecorino cheese with walnut leaves


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Discover the aged cheese in walnut leaves.

The mini Nocerino cheese is made with a seasoning in walnut leaves that completes the flavor of the pecorino.

The sheep’s milk, used to produce the pecorino cheese, is processed for standard production and is then left to mature using walnut leaves, which give it a decidedly unique and delicate aroma.

The Nocerino mini cheese is packaged in forms of about 400 grams, an ideal size to be able to taste the product without wasting any part of it and without letting it dry if opened in the fridge for too many days.


The simple but elegant paper packaging in which it is wrapped allows it to be used even as a small gift object.

For those who do not like walnuts but want a delicate flavor, we also recommend trying the aged pecorino with olive leaves.


This pecorino cheese could be perfectly combined with the truffle mixture, two absolutely different products but excellent for creating a tasty and different from the standard aperitif.

The rind of the cheese is not edible and care must be taken as there may be traces of walnuts.


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