Pecorino di Norcia aged for up to 60 days


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Pecorino di Norcia cheese, with a maximum maturation of 60 days, is an excellent product for your table.

It comes in SHAPES OF ABOUT 1.5 KG and is sold WHOLE ONLY

Pecorino cheese is also available in other formats, from other producers, such as the 1 KG CHEESE DEL PASTORE, or there is the version aged up to 90 days. Also check out the seasoned version up to 12-15 months.

The cheese has a very light straw yellow color and the rind is slightly veiled. Its flavor is pleasant and goes very well with other products such as Norcia IGP ham or a platter of mixed cured meats.
Pecorino di Norcia is made with 100% milk from the pastures of our area (Norcia) and is made in small local dairies.
If you want a more seasoned pecorino version you can choose the variant of about 4KG with a maturation of up to 90 days, or the trombarolo pecorino with a maturation that lasts up to 15 months.
Pecorino di Norcia, made with 100% Norcia milk, is an artisanal product that follows the recipe of artisanal production, as it has been done for generations and, being a local specialty with ingredients at zero km, it is a product to be purchased with the utmost confidence.

The color is a very homogeneous yellow, tending to white in the center, decidedly lighter than the more seasoned pecorino as well as the PECORINO SEASONED FOR MORE THAN 1 YEAR.

Like the other pecorino cheese, it has a straw-yellow color that darkens as it ages. The interior, although soft, can make the substance of a dairy product well made only with sheep’s milk for a compact texture but a pronounced flavor.

Use of Pecorino di Norcia on the table

This cheese is particularly suitable for consumption “as it is”, together with other seasoned products it makes the most of its fragrance and the idea of using it to make excellent and “substantial” sandwiches is absolutely not to be discarded.


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