Seasoned pecorino cheese


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Aged pecorino cheese is a cheese made from sheep’s milk without preservatives. Seasoning 8-10 months. Weight about 3.5/4 kg.

This cheese is made with pasteurized sheep’s milk, processed WITHIN 24 hours of milking and is, to the taste, slightly spicy.

This seasoned pecorino cheese is a product that, for the realization of the forming, still uses wooden bands, as the old shepherds used to do as a tradition. The seasoning, as a tradition, takes place in a humid environment, where the cheese, during a period of up to a year, is aged and also thanks to the environment, creates an enveloping taste.

The pasta of the aged pecorino cheese is yellow / straw yellow and thanks to the use of a “strong rennet” the flavor is enhanced and takes on spicy notes.

The use of seasoned pecorino cheese on the table

To better enjoy this type of seasoned pecorino cheese on the table it is advisable to bring it to room temperature (it is advisable to leave it out of the fridge for at least 30-40 minutes). It is an excellent end of the meal, both enjoyed alone and with compotes or honey with a fruity taste.

This cheese is a food practically free of sugars, if enjoyed with fig jams or raspberries, it will be able to amaze even the most refined palates.

Given its compactness it is an excellent grater cheese.

Try it to make one of the most traditional pastas in central Italy: pasta alla Gricia. (to be combined with the pillow). Discover the RECIPE OF HALF SLEEVES ALLA GRICIA

If you wish, the seasoned pecorino cheese is also available under vacuum in pieces of about 0.5/1 kg.


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seasoned pecorino cheese

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