Semi-seasoned Pecorino 40-50 days



Semi-seasoned pecorino is a low-seasoned and slightly tasty cheese.

Maturing is short and lasts about 40/50 days, which is enough to make the cheese excellent for various occasions. After the short seasoning, scattered holes are created.

The form is sold exclusively in the WHOLE format of about 1.5 kg.

This cheese is a product that derives from the dairy tradition of shepherds, a recipe handed down over the generations that uses the secrets of careful processing. Years and experiences have created a product suitable for everyone which, with a straw yellow color and a slightly golden crust, is perfect for use on the table.

Below you can see a photo of SEMI-SEASONED pecorino (TOP LEFT) in comparison with SEASONED pecorino (BOTTOM RIGHT)

Comparison of semi-seasoned pecorino and seasoned pecorino slice of sliced pecorino

Recommended use of fresh or semi-seasoned pecorino

Semi-seasoned pecorino is perfect for pairing with dried fruit, honey and compotes. Its consistency is soft and creamy, the taste is slightly savory but suitable for everyone, even the little ones. It is also perfect for frequent use, it is a product that does not “tire”.

On the table it is an excellent cheese to be cut and can also be served paired with a platter of cold cuts and, as a complement, we recommend a white wine, fresh and with a low alcohol content. Among our wines we can suggest you take a look at our GRECHETTOor our TREBBIANO.


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Weight 1,5 kg