Semi-seasoned Pecorino di Norcia 60/90 days


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Pascoli 100% Norcia – Milk of Norcia, produced in Norcia

The seasoned pecorino di Norcia is a product that is slightly spicy, as its seasoning sharpens the flavor, leaving a pleasant taste, suitable for both an appetizer and a platter of cured meats. This pecorino, with a special flavor, is produced with 100% milk from the Norcia Pastures, which can be considered a guarantee of its flavor. The processing is always carried out in Norcia and the seasoning is done in a controlled, absolutely traditional way.

Pecorino di Norcia cheese, matured for up to 90 days, is a product that looks like a semi-hard cheese, with a short maturation and a straw yellow color. the paste has scattered holes and, as previously mentioned, the taste tending to spicy, makes the product perfect with compotes and jams.

Discover the Norcia cheese with a lower maturation, a maximum maturation of 60 days will allow you to have a more delicate cheese.

Do you want to try some alternatives? We can recommend the aged pecorino della Valnerina or you can try the aged cow’s cheese.

If you want a truly unique product to combine with your cutting boards, perhaps together with cured meats, you can also try the trombarolo aged pecorino.

The maturation is short and lasts about 60/90 days, which is enough to make the cheese excellent for various occasions. The pecorino will be sent vacuum packed if cut in half, or in quarters.

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