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Discover a traditional product of the butchery, discover the bacon. This product is a triangular cut of pork, obtained from the cheek of the pig.

Technical characteristics of the pillow

The bacon has a high percentage of fat, it can be even higher than 70% and, for this reason, it is often used in the kitchen for the preparation of some of the tastiest and most appreciated recipes of the cuisine of central Italy.

The inner product has a triangular shape with a weight of about 1kg. Some pieces may be around 900g, others may be 1.1kg, so it will be very difficult to find two identical pieces. If you don’t use it heavily you can take the clipping. The product is also available in vacuum packed pieces starting from 200 g, CONTACT US for information.

Use of the product in the kitchen

With the guanciale you can always make an excellent impression on the table, with dishes such as amatriciana and gricia the guanciale is the main ingredient. Some also use TESA BACON for this purpose but the result is different.

Let’s say that there are a thousand alternatives to traditional recipes, try for example:

Dry pasta with broad beans and crispy bacon

70 grams of pasta (rigatoni recommended)
About 1 handful of beans per person
About 2/3 thin slices of cured pork cheek per person
Oil and salt

We prepare the sauce first, if we let it rest for the cooking time of the pasta it will absorb more flavor.
Sauté the broad beans in a pan with salt, oil and water (add everything cold) for about 10 minutes … read the whole recipe here




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