Mixed cheese with truffles



The mixed cheese with truffles weighing about 450 gr is a product that has now become a traditional food of the Valnerina.

The preparation of this product uses raw materials of the highest quality: cow’s milk, sheep’s milk and as regards the truffle, a mixture with Tuber Aestivum Vitt is used.

How to prepare the truffle cheese

It begins with the preparation of milk (cow and sheep), with the usual procedure that allows us to make the traditional Valnerina cheese. Subsequently, during the preparation, the summer truffle sauce is mixed. The percentage of the truffle mixture, compared to the quantity of milk, is at least 0.5%.

This type of cheese can be eaten safely during an aperitif, its “tone” with the flavor of truffles will give a truly unique taste to your tastes.

The product is packaged with a paper wrapper that wraps it completely, also allowing to maintain the right humidity inside the package.


The truffle also goes very well with cured meats, try the taste of SALAME WITH TRUFFLES.

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