Pecorino cheese aged with olive leaves


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Pecorino cheese aged with olive leaves is made in a rather delicate way because it uses sheep’s milk and a few other ingredients, the basic ones necessary for the production of a good pecorino. In addition to pasteurized sheep’s milk, there are lactic ferments, rennet and salt. In addition to the standard preparation of the pecorino cheese, the maturing takes place, in the following period, with the olive leaves, which transmit a delicate flavor.

This semi-aged pecorino cheese is, in some ways, very similar to mixed cheese with truffles or aged pecorino with walnut leaves, an absolutely delicate product with a different flavor from the standard.


The packaging of pecorino cheese aged with olive leaves is about 450 grams and comes with a paper wrapper that wraps the product, creating an excellent package also as a gift idea.

Tips for using Pecorino with olive leaves

The use of this cheese is almost exclusively dedicated to the table, just to enrich your appetizer or your cutting board with a cheese with an intriguing aroma. You can accompany this cheese with a good bottle of red wine. It is recommended to serve it with a delicious freshly sliced mountain ham.

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