Deer salami



Do you want to try a different product than usual? Discover the venison salami, a product that is naturally soft and with a more intense flavor than the classic norcino salami.

Deer salami is a non-standard product of traditional butchery, it is certainly more typical of the Alpine areas of Trentino, but at the same time it is a product that is very popular with our customers.

It is a salami made with venison mixed with pork. The product has a thick grain grinding and a different flavor from the classic pork salami.

Like all other classic butchers, it goes very well in a snack with a salami rosette or in an appetizer or an aperitif. Its taste, not too strong but different from the classic salami, manages to create excellent combinations even with a good Prosecco.

the Deer salami and the weight

The weight of the product is about 250 gr but it is always a product subject to natural weight loss. This is not an industrially made product, therefore each salami has a slightly different weight. We will try to send a 250gr product but one of 220 or 280 grams could also arrive.

The standard price (for those who buy it at the shop) is Euro 22 / kg


If you want to try this product you can think of tasting it directly in our store, find out how to enjoy a platter of cold cuts in Norcia.


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