Liver salamella



La salamella di fegato è un prodotto tradizionale per Norcia. It goes very well with the philosophy that “nothing is thrown away from the pig” and can be considered 100% a peasant product.

The realization is very simple to tell: a percentage of pork liver is added to the traditional salamella (100% pork), and everything is mixed together. In reality, everything is a bit more complicated as it is necessary to calibrate the spices well. The product is recognizable at first sight as it has a dark red color, tending to “purple” or “brown” when more mature. The flavor, as a product enriched with liver, is characterized by a bitter aftertaste, but it depends a lot on the type of processing and aging.

The salami can be enjoyed both fresh and seasoned and goes perfectly with a slightly heated slice of bland bread or as an ideal complement to a mixed salami appetizer.liver salami norcineria laudani

It has a weight of about 250 g.

When the product is fresh it is soft like CREAMOSO DI NORCIA, but its shape can obviously be compared to PORK SALAMELLA

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