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Bettini 604 beer in 33cl and 66cl format


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Bettini 604 beer with lentils or spelt is a product that combines tradition and innovation. Norcia, a small town located in the Umbrian region of Italy, is famous for its cuisine and its high quality food products. Lentils and spelt are two ingredients widely used in the culinary tradition of Norcia and the idea of using them to produce beer was born to enhance and promote local products.

Blonde beer with Castelluccio di Norcia IGP lentils (4%)

Lentil is a legume rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals and is a traditional food of Norcia. Known for its unique and nutritious flavor, it is used to produce a beer with an intense and characteristic taste. The addition of lentils gives the beer an earthy note and an interesting complexity of flavors.

Ingredients: water, barley malt, lentils of Castelluccio di Norcia PGI 4%, hops, yeast. Contains gluten.

The dark beer, the red, with a more decisive tone, is for all those looking for a more complete flavor and we also recommend it to accompany more spicy dishes.

We recommend the craft beer Bettini 604 red to complete a good roast or to accompany the tasting of the famous Farecchiata, the typical recipe of Castelluccio di Norcia made with Roveja flour.

Craft Red Beer with spelt (10%)

Spelt is an ancient cereal very present in the cuisine of Norcia. Due to its high digestibility and nutritional profile, spelt is considered a superfood. Used to make a beer, spelt gives the drink a soft and delicate taste.

Ingredients: water, barley malt, spelled 10%, hops, yeast. Contains gluten.

The 604 beer in the “blonde” version is perfect for a frugal aperitif with friends and in the same way ideal for a pizza with friends.

An aperitif with soft salami, a little IGP ham from Norcia and a bit of seasoned capocollo will be even more appreciated if the Bettini 604 clear craft beer is present in the aperitif.

Some information about BIRRA 604 by Bettini

Norcia’s craft beer is also available with the Bettini product line. The Bettini company is a farm and has been producing beer in two variants for several years: lager and red beer. Beer 604 is an identifier of the altitude of Norcia which, with its 604 meters of altitude, is a perfect place for agriculture. The valley of Santa Scolastica is an area where the Bettini farm also cultivates wheat, barley, lentils and many other products that are the basis of many recipes of the gastronomy of central Italy and, in recent years, also the basis of important craft beer productions.

How to best taste the products of the Valnerina

The beer of Norcia with lentils or spelt not only offers an interesting alternative to the classic beers, but also a way to taste and enhance the typical products of the area. This type of craft beer is usually produced in small quantities and through a traditional process that allows to keep intact the flavors and aromas of its main ingredients.

In addition to being a tasty drink, Norcia beer with lentils or spelt is also an example of sustainability. By using local ingredients, you reduce the carbon emissions associated with transportation and support local farmers.

In conclusion, the beer of Norcia with lentils or spelt is a product that combines the culinary tradition of Norcia with the innovation of craft beer production. It is a perfect choice for those who like to try new flavors and support local craftsmanship.

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