Dry porcini mushrooms



Discover the dried porcini mushrooms of Norcineria Laudani. Discover the dried porcini mushrooms of Norcineria Laudani.

Dried mushrooms are perfect both to flavor a first course, and to accompany a second course of meat, giving the right flavor that will best complement any dish.

Ideas for cooking porcini mushrooms: discover the strangozzi del Priore di Norcia with mushrooms or try the potatoes with gorgonzola and porcini

Mushrooms can be used for many other products, it must always be taken into account that they are dry and not a fresh product, with all the advantages and disadvantages that derive from it. A trivial example is that they should not be cleaned, it is a product that is always “perfect” and easy to use. Thanks to the drying method used, the flavor remains perfect and therefore leaves free space for your desire to cook!

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