Condimentas box with spices and oil



Prepare your dishes with our condiment with spices and oil, a very special kit, full of various types of spices and oil.

Inside the kit you will find all the condiments necessary for the preparation of various types of first courses, as well as many other dishes with truffles.

The spices available inside the packages allow you to give rise to many dishes such as the classic “all’arrabbiata” pasta, or the softer “4 cheeses” or the tasty “puttanesca”. Besides these, our legendary pasta from central Italy could not be missing: the “amatriciana”, a classic rich in flavor and suitable for both short and long pasta.

Inside the kit there is also a package with garlic, oil and chilli, the ideal solution for the preparation of a “midnight spaghetti”.

The last product is our favorite: truffle oil, excellent for creating truffle-based appetizers or main courses.

Contents of the condimentas box with spices and oil

spices for pasta:

  • angry,
  • 4 cheeses,
  • anchovies, olives, capers,
  • tomato and bacon,
  • seasoning with oil, garlic and chilli,
  • truffle oil dressing

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