Roveja flour

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Not many people know about Roveja flour. In fact, this ingredient is unknown to most but can be used to create recipes that are good to taste.

Since this element is little known, here are all its characteristics and how to best use it in the kitchen. Look at and buy the ROVEJA WHOLE.

Roveja flour: what is it

First, you need to know what Roveja flour is and where it comes from. This element is produced from Roveja, a small legume with a colored and dark seed, which you can find in different markets in dark green, red, brown and gray variants.

In fact, in the past Roveja was cultivated on the Sibillini Mountains and its production was very frequent. There are traces of this legume and consequently of its flour, since ancient times, in fact it is thought that even Greeks and Romans used it commonly. Most likely, its origins, like many others, are related to the Middle East.

Then for a period we did not hear about the Roveja, this typical legume seems to have definitely disappeared from history and consequently from our tables. Today, however, it has been recovered because it is identified as a bio element with advantageous properties.

In today’s times, the cultivation of Roveja has also resumed in Italy, in particular in the areas of Umbria and Marche.

That is why several have experimented with recipes with Roveja flour and use this element commonly in their kitchens, enjoying optimal advantages and nutritional values.

What are the advantages of Roveja?

At this point, you need to know some more information about the advantages of Roveja and the advantages it can provide you. Well, within this legume you can find proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, phosphorus, potassium and much more.

In addition, Roveja in Italian crops grows wild and is also a biological element. This is essential if you want to bring to the table recipes that are healthy and beneficial. Since this legume, and consequently its flour, has a low fat content, its intake in low-fat diets is strongly recommended.

In addition, the intake of this element regulates the levels of glucose and cholesterol in the blood. Ultimately, there can be many advantages deriving from Roveja.

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What are some recipes to make with Roveja flour?

Those who use Roveja flour can indulge themselves in the kitchen. However, there are some particular recipes to try. In detail, you absolutely have to try your hand at making farecchiata, a polenta made with Roveja, then a polenta of legumes and not cereals as is usually done with corn or corn (which is a cereal).

It is a simple and organic recipe that can delight anyone who tries it. In the traditional version it is made with a beaten anchovies, but the same is really versatile and after trying it you will love it.

This is just an example but there are many other recipes to make. Are you ready to discover Roveja flour and use it in your kitchen? Try this ingredient and experience first-hand the benefits it gives.

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