Matured cow cheese


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Cow’s cheese is a perfect product to be enjoyed on a platter rich in cured meats and is pleasant to try with compotes and honey.

The production of cow cheese

The product is made with few ingredients: milk, salt, lactic ferments and rennet. It owes its compactness to a processing procedure that brings the milk to about 72 ° -75 ° for only a few seconds, then there is a long and slow seasoning. Attention, the crust is not edible.

First of all, the cheese is kept in salt for about two months, a procedure that gives it an unmistakable flavor and allows excess liquids to dry gradually.

Subsequently, the product is left to mature for a variable period based on the “hardness” required.

This aged cow cheese is truly characteristic of central Italy and is made without additional ingredients other than those of the traditional recipe. The flavor, as we said, is slightly savory and with a slightly spicy aftertaste.

The color is straw yellow, also marble, but decidedly lighter than aged pecorino such as TROMBAROLObut with varying shades always based on the seasoning period. A straw-yellow color that darkens as aging increases. The external appearance is compact, the rind is hard and, thanks to the treatment with linseed oil, it can be very compact and smooth or it can have very small holes on the surface (due to aging in traditional style).


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