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The flaked truffle of Norcineria Laudani is a product in compact and easy-to-use packages, for various products: appetizers, first courses, second courses, side dishes … many possibilities with an extremely tasty package.

To give a special flavor to your dishes you can add a few drops of truffle oil.

The jars of truffle flakes are available in 60 g and 80 g formats and can be stored for several months. Once opened, they must be consumed in a few days.

Thanks to the truffle we can advise you to create really tasty dishes with a preparation that will make the most of your creative skills in the kitchen.

Ideas with truffle flakes

You can use the truffle to create a small appetizer with a fried egg enriched with a cheese base and covered with a thin layer of flakes.

A first course that is simple to make and at the same time as tasty as possible is the truffle risotto.

The addition of these flakes makes both meat main courses and fish main courses tastier, such as roast pork or lamb or trout baked in foil.


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