Truffle sauce from Norcia


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The truffle sauce is a typical product of Norcia: it is a condiment made with precious black truffle or scorzone (the summer truffle) and is suitable for use in dozens of dishes.

Our sauce is a top quality product that will immerse you in a completely different culinary world. Tasty dishes, minimum preparation effort and maximum flexibility of use.

The truffle sauce is excellent to be used as it is (both in croutons and in first courses), and to be processed in order to create more elaborate delicacies. In “essential” preparations it can be used combined with toasted bread, in other preparations it can be heated in a pan or mixed with other ingredients.

To date, the truffle sauce is available in the 90 g version (excellent for creating 2-4 dishes) and 180 g.

Among the recipes that “stand out” in the gastronomic culture of Norcia we certainly find the fettuccine with black truffle prepared with a few simple steps and with km0 pasta from Norcia.

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The truffle sauce is made with top quality products and contains, in addition to the truffle, also mushrooms and other natural flavors.

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