Precious Black Truffle of Norcia (Tuber melanosporum Vittad)



The precious black truffle of Norcia is the flagship of our small town: a unique, fragrant and delicate product.

The collection period of Nero Pregiato is established until the first days of March.

Outside this period you will not be able to find it fresh (it has a few days of conservation if not processed)

Physical characteristics

Its size varies from the size of a walnut to the size of an apple. Sometimes, in particular cases, there are also super large specimens to arouse the interest of the public.

It is externally black in color, with an irregular skin. The interior is instead dark with white veins.

Studded with small dark warts (hence the name Melanosporum) it has an intense but not intrusive scent.

The black truffle of Norcia in the kitchen

Also known as the Norcia truffle, after the white truffle it is certainly the most prized and most sought after on a commercial level.

Surely, to bring out the aroma and perfume to the maximum, you can proceed with a little “cooking” and therefore first of all, let’s read up on the recipes. Some also use it raw, perhaps as a garnish for a dish, but remember that the “tuber” is enhanced to the maximum with some combinations and must always be carefully washed.

The Black Truffle holds up very well when cooking (at low temperatures) and thanks to the latter, with a minimum amount of EVO oil, it will give special aromas to the characteristic flavors of your dishes.

The small “product” and is one of the protagonists of international cuisine, loved and discussed in many tables.

The ingredient that we can recommend as indispensable for a more bewitching tasting is the egg. Nero di Norcia, on a fried egg, with a plate of egg fettuccine or in an omelettewill surely win you over.

The black truffle melanosporum is the finest and most fragrant species of truffle than its cousin “the scorzone” or summer truffle.

The scent of this truffle is pleasantly intense, aromatic and fruity. There are several differences between the smell and characteristics of the black truffle and the requests for the summer truffle. However, it should never be confused with the “chemical” truffle found in some sauces.

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Our truffles cannot be of a specific size, it depends on their growth, the soil and the “day”. In the quarry we can find them in truffle grounds where oak or English oak are present or as is most often used with the stone.

To recognize the precious black truffle (tuber melanosporum Vitt.) From other species, we can check it carefully to see if its color is brown tending to blackish and if its surface, alternately, gives rusty shades. If the surface is rubbed, the scent must be intense, sweet and aromatic, with fruity notes.

We recommend using a truffle slicer to avoid wasting the product and having thin and always perfect flakes to pour on any dish.

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