Ground truffles in a jar



Discover the ground truffle, a quality product created with selected raw materials that will bring an excellent flavor to your dishes thanks to the simplicity of the raw material itself.

Truffle sauce is a similar product that also includes other ingredients besides the truffle. These jars, on the other hand, are composed almost exclusively of ground truffles.

The ground truffle is ideal for preparing sophisticated dishes, with the simplicity of a product already chopped and used as a base for sauces, sauces and various condiments.

There are no particular ingredients in this jar except the precious “truffle” and this gives us a very good and malleable starting point. Each cook and each cook has their own methods of preparation for the more traditional recipes and an infinite discussion can be opened on which ingredients should be added to this preparation. Garlic yes or garlic no? Are anchovies good for us? Some even dare to add other products … but each has its own tradition!

If you want to try the truffle sauce or the truffle flakes click here to discover all the truffle-based products.

Among the more traditional recipes of central Italy and the Norcia area we can find fettuccine with black truffle made in a simple way, with a few steps, in this case using fresh Norcia truffle.

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If you want to try these products you can think of preparing some recipes, discover our favorites: recipes with Norcia products.


Buy truffles in a jar from Norcia to always have an ingredient available to use in the kitchen. Discover all our versions:

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These truffles can be an excellent solution for preparing tasty dishes such as the truffle omelette

Discover the ground truffles in a jar in your favorite recipes: they have no other particular ingredients than the truffle. If you don’t know how to use them, if you want particular ideas, take a look at this website with many ideas all “verified”.


Obviously the fresh product is always better but it is not always available. If you want to contact us to check if the summer truffle is available go to this page to find out the price or take a look at our fresh winter truffle.

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