Strenna gift box with typical products from Norcia



Strenna gift box with typical products from Norcia

If you want to give an important gift you can opt for our gift with typical products of Norcia: a Deluxe gift that contains various cold cuts and delicacies from our territory.

Discover the products of the Nursina tradition and until October 31, if you order one or more packs of the Norcia packs category with at least 50 euros of expenditure, you will have free shipping to your home with the SEMPRENATALE code

Inside the Deluxe gift box you will find:

  • 1 kg of pork sausages
  • 800 gr of capocollo
  • 1 soft salami from Norcia
  • 1 pocket ham
  • 1 salami with wild boar
  • 1 cheese various flavors of 350 gr
  • 1 clove of aged pecorino
  • 1 package of spelled
  • 1 pack of Castelluccio PGI lentils
  • 1 truffle sauce of 180 gr


The products will NOT be accompanied by the basket, the photo is for illustrative purposes only and, for practical needs, will be delivered in cardboard gift boxes.

After purchasing this pack we ask you a huge favor! Take a photo of the products and post it on Instagram by tagging us! It will be a like success and we will thank you heartily: sharing our products online is a double bonus for us: it means that you appreciated our products and that what you ordered is as you imagined! Ah … what is our Instagram channel? But of course: @NorcineriaLaudani our unique name because: we always put our face on it, indeed the name! 😉

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