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The pocket ham of Norcineria Laudani of Norcia is a slice of ham weighing about 1 kg, always welcome and suitable for family use. The slice is bone-free and can be easily cut either by hand or with the use of an electric slicer.

Raw ham is one of the typical and traditional products of the mountains and the art of Norcineria. What could be better with a sandwich than a slice of GOOD MOUNTAIN HAM? The local ham is so important that it has managed to best represent the territory, in fact all the hams that are processed and cured in our mountains have a different flavor because they are cured with particular temperatures and atmospheric conditions.

We offer people the opportunity to choose between various types of HAMand at the same time we also provide the classic mountain ham.

ham from Norcineria Laudani

The ham steak is the best relationship between taste and cost, we guarantee for its quality and you will certainly buy it back for its practicality and convenience.

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HAM AND MELON definitely wins for the summer, we don’t think there is any need for more details, it’s just a reminder to never forget!

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Weight 1 kg

approx. 1 kg