Stalked ham, cured leg of pork


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What is the stalked?

The leg of pork cured on the bone is called ham, but if the bone is removed it can be called stalked but not ham and, in this “lighter” version, it weighs about 5-6 kg.

What’s the difference?
Leg of cured pork leg
Leg of cured pork leg

The difference is that a leg of pork cured on the bone gives rise to a traditional “ham”, while if it is matured without the bone, a different product is created. This new product has a less intense flavor and reaches the degree of preparation for cutting in a shorter time.

The sgambato is, therefore, a leg of pork cured for a slightly shorter time than whole ham on the bone. The flavor is slightly more delicate, it is not a sweet product but not as tasty and decisive as the traditional version.


A tip for the stalked: if you don’t already have it, think about taking a slicer, even a cheap one, it will help you a lot in cutting the ham. Obviously, hand-cut ham is always “special”, but it requires an expert hand!

The boneless leg is therefore practical to use, has little waste, has a more delicate flavor and is also easy to carry, usually weighing less than about 6.5 kg. Have you already tried it?

norcia ham
PHOTO OF A WHOLE HAM, it is not a stalked one

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