Pork stretched bacon




Tense pancetta is a seasoned product, typical of the Nursina tradition. This seasoned is prepared with the belly of the pig and is available in slices and ready to use.

The curing of this product is carried out in a natural way and allows you to savor a cut of meat composed of a large amount of fat in a very tasty way.

Characteristics of stretched pork pancetta

The weight of the slices is about 300 g per piece and they are shipped vacuum-packed, the percentage of fat and lean is inevitably different for each piece as it is a product that is not “processed, ground or processed”, it is treated externally with spices and massages but the inside is not changed.

The stretched pancetta can be used when and how you want, sliced or diced, it keeps for several days even after opening the package as it is a seasoned product.

Tips for use on the table

Tense pancetta is excellent both to be enjoyed in appetizers, perhaps on a slice of toasted bread, and for more elaborate recipes. Here you can find inspiration for a pork fillet dressed with red wine sauce, where the stretched bacon must be of the highest quality to flavor the dish without being too “intrusive”.

The same pancetta goes perfectly with many other dishes, such as the typical first courses of central Italy (Amatriciana, Gricia, …) even if, based on the recipe and the experience of the cook, sometimes you prefer the CHEEK, a similar product but which derives from a different part of the pig (the cheek). Being a seasoned product, it can be tasted both cooked and freshly cut.

Differences between bacon and guanciale

Bacon can contain small, harder parts, the cartilage, it contains less than 50% fat (usually around 40%) and is excellent for many recipes. The CHEEK, on the other hand, is decidedly fatter, reaches even over 70% and is free of bones or cartilage. Both products are sold seasoned and the bacon goes very well in many recipes but also to be eaten thinly sliced on a slice of toast.


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