Guanciale and sauce tasting kit with pasta for free



Buy the tasting kit with bacon and sauces and you will also receive at home a free package of traditional pasta: everything you need to prepare your tastiest and simplest lunch!

What the tasting kit includes

The package includes 2 sauces (amatriciana sauce and wild boar sauce) ready to be used in the kitchen and a whole pillow, ideal for the preparation of dishes such as the same amatriciana and pasta alla gricia, carbonara or pasta alla“zozzona”strangozzi are free.

What are strangozzi?

Strangozzi are the typical Umbrian pasta that is made in a simple way, with water and flour, without eggs. Strangozzi can be purchased fresh or packaged as dry strangulations, such as those available on this site and included in this offer.

What can you add to the tasting kit to complete the ingredients in your refrigerator? A bit of seasoned PECORINO,essential when you want to recreate at home the most traditional dishes of central Italy, of the Apennine area.

Discover all the strangozzi for sale on this website, they are available both in classic format, both with porcini mushrooms, truffles and saffron.

The wicker basket is not included in the shipment. The product will be shipped in a special package.


Discover all the best products of the “norcina” processing and if you are looking for another tasty seasoned we recommend you try the pairs of seasoned meat.

This product is perfect for creating special dishes in the kitchen, especially when combined with a package of fine black truffle, which you can find by clicking here.

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