Norcia ham IGP 9/10 kg


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Norcia ham PGIProsciutto di Norcia PGI is a product of excellence that owes its success to many factors, for simplicity we summarize them below, without going into too much detail:

  • the pork leg must be at least 9 kg, lower weight hams are not allowed
  • processing and maturing must be carried out in Norcia or in the neighboring municipalities outlined in the specification
  • salting of the ham must take place in two phases, where the ham is first left to rest horizontally for a few weeks, in high humidity (70% / 90%) and low temperature (1 ° / 4 ° C) cells and then hung in vertical for a few months
  • washing and subsequent greasing are done by hand and each “Norcino” has its own way of processing, with a specific lard (a finely ground and spiced fat to avoid excessive drying of the “uncovered” part, without the rind)
  • The ham must be cured for at least 12 months

Only then will the ham receive the mark of the Norcia IGP Ham Consortium

Norcia ham is made 100% with Italian meats.

About 9-10kg

norcia hamTHE IGP DI NORCIA HAM, a certified product

The product for sale on this page is a product certified by the Norcia Ham Consortium, therefore it respects the rules of the specification listed above. Thanks also to the aging in our land and at high altitude, it can have a strong but not salty flavor: you will not be able to find it elsewhere!

In the summer season, combine the Norcia PGI ham with melon (another very popular product in Italy) or marry it in winter with a crouton with good toasted bread!

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Do you want to organize an event to promote our Norcia IGP Ham? It will be an honor for us to participate as suppliers and help you at all stages (technical data sheets on ham, material relating to the consortium, delivery of the ham to your premises and, if necessary, the presence of our staff for cutting it).