Gift basket of Norcia the Fantasia Mini



Discover the Fantasia Mini gift basket and bring the great flavors of Norcia to your home, both sweet and savory.

The products contained within the Mini fancy gift box are a set of flavors that range from classic butchery, such as salami, to cheese and also include dessert. In addition, with the addition of craft beer, the basket is completed for maximum variety.

The biscuits in the gift basket are always made in Norcia, at the Vetusta Nursia pastry and chocolate shop and can be of different types according to the availability of our store, but we reassure you: it is always a really tasty handmade product. There may be the version with lentil flour or the version with spelled flour, with chocolate or with jam… it will always be a special taste.

From the butchery department we find salami with wild boar, seasoned bacon and our famous spreadable salami (wonderful for winter croutons HERE FOR THE INFORMATION ON HOW TO PREPARE THEM).

Inside the package there is also a pecorino cheese flavored with truffles … just to be light!

Unboxing of Norcia’s gift basket

What does the MINI FANTASY package contain? The following products:

  • 1 pack of Norcia biscuits (will be shipped in various flavors based on availability, they can vary between: biscuits with spelled flour or with lentil flour, with chocolate or jam)
  • 1 Norcia salami with wild boar – about 240 g
  • 1 piece of Norcia bacon vacuum-packed – about 250 g
  • 1 creamy vacuum-packed spreadable salami – about 380 g
  • 1 truffle flavored pecorino cheese – about 400 g
  • 1 Nursia craft beer – size 33cl


If you want to try the MAXI version of this basket, look at the FANTASIA packaging, the original version


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If you want to try these products you can think of preparing some recipes, discover our favorites: recipes with Norcia products.

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