The salamella is a salami with a sweet taste (unsweetened but less tasty than others) with a finely ground grain and its weight is about 500 g.

The sausage is made more or less thick but, unlike the version made in northern Italy, it is always “folded” in a U shape. This is a method that has always been used to keep the product soft. The seasoning took place in the cellars and the tied lace was used to hang the salami on the poles in the cellars.

The product has a short maturation, remains soft when cut and can be easily combined with light aperitifs. Much appreciated by children (due to the fact that it is not extremely tasty) it can also be considered an excellent product for an energetic snack.

If you are organizing an event and you need a quantity greater than 10 pieces, contact us, we will certainly be able to organize a supply with an excellent price.

All the products are original from the “nursina” tradition, as they are the basis of the “norcineria” of which Norcia is very expert!


If you are looking for a product with a more refined flavor you can try the LIVER SALAMELLA, a very typical salami of our mountains, made with pork like salamella but with the addition of liver (always pork).


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