Gift basket from Norcia the truffle



If you want to savor the taste of truffles with a gift from Norcia, or if you want to let some of your friends or relatives try it during these Christmas holidays, you can think of giving the truffle basket from Norcia. Inside this basket there are only products containing truffles. Truffle strangozzi, for example, are an Umbrian specialty that is flavored with the famous black summer truffle, as well as truffle cheese where, in the dough, a small amount of truffle is mixed, however enough to give a different flavor to the same cheese. The latter cheese can be easily combined, for example in an appetizer with truffle salami, which you will find inside the package.

In the package you will also find a truffle sauce, a product that can be used for the preparation of various types of dishes, from appetizers to first courses or even second courses.

The bottle of amaro with truffles is also an excellent digestive, with a taste that is absolutely different from the usual traditional bitters, the aroma of the precious black truffle is felt, as is the rest of the gift from Norcia.

Inside the gift basket from Norcia the truffle there is also a salt grinder and a spice grinder containing: in the first case a mixture of salt and truffle and in the second case the perfect condiment for a first course enriched with truffles.

the content of the gift basket from Norcia i tartufato is:

  • 1 packet strangozzi with truffle of 500 g
  • 1 packet strangozzi with truffle of 500 g
  • 1 truffle salami
  • 1 truffle sauce of 180 g
  • 1 bitter bottle with fine black truffle of 20 CL
  • 1 truffle salt mill
  • 1 truffle grinder in flakes

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