Pack of Flavors of Valnerina



Discover the packaging of the flavors of Umbria and give a taste of this land to your friends and relatives. Inside the package you will find three products based on pork or wild boar, a pecorino cheese, the typical Umbrian pasta, and the lentils of Castelluccio di Norcia.

Discover the products of the Nursina tradition and until October 31, if you order one or more packs of the Norcia packs category with at least 50 euros of expenditure, you will have free shipping to your home with the SEMPRENATALE code

The contents of the Umbria flavor pack is:

  • 1 salami coglioni di mule
  • 1 salami with wild boar
  • 500 g pack of pork sausages
  • 1 semi-hard pecorino 1 kg
  • 1 white strangozzi 500 g
  • lentil PGI from Castelluccio di Norcia 500 g


Thanks to the strangozzi (or strengozzi or even ragu) you can cook a special dish with the RECIPES OF UMBRIA, with all the other products of the package of flavors you can also prepare excellent appetizers, special soups and tasty aperitifs. Each product is separate from the others and can be consumed in the following weeks, without problems of short-term expiration.


In short, the flavors of Umbria are many, but if you are looking for an idea that includes all the true flavors, with particular attention to Norcineria, you cannot fail to choose this package.

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