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Il Gran Fiocco di Prosciutto è un trancio del prosciutto intero ed è perfetto per essere consumato a casa.

Normally the whole ham requires cutting skills and a precise point where to keep the ham itself, with this format, however, you will not have any problems, and you can also use a small slicer for home use. The compact format also allows you to avoid waste and scraps of a difficult process.

With the prosciutto bow you will always have a piece of everyone’s favorite butchery at your fingertips!

The ham steak is, on average, more than 1.4 kg. It is a product that is always different in shape and size.

The most traditional use of this product is certainly a nice sandwich with freshly cut ham, but the use of ham as part of an appetizer or in an entirely made in Italy aperitif should not be excluded.

With this product you will not get a whole and decorative slice but you will have a quality product, easy to handle and, as we anticipated, free of waste products (small bones may be present if the slice is close to the main bone).

The photos present are taken purely as an example, each slice will be different from the others.

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