Norcia hooked truffle: the autumn truffle (fresh truffles)

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Discover the Norcia hooked truffle, more specifically called the Tuber uncinatum Chatin, the autumn truffle very similar to the Norcia scorzone but with a different flavor, taste and smell. Buy it online or contact us by phone to book it and collect it directly at our Norcineria in the historic center of Norcia. With our presence on the territory we are able to have, practically at any time of the harvest season, the freshest and freshly picked truffles.

The truffle quarry takes place in several periods of the year, early summer with the summer truffle quarry a very delicate flavor truffle), and then moves on to the autumn period where, from October to December, it is possible to find the hooked truffle (tastier of the summer truffle) and then arrive in the months in the middle of winter to find the winter truffle (with a tastier taste than the previous two)

The truffle quarry takes place with the necessary help of a dog (in ancient times a pig was also used) in fact, thanks to its developed sense of smell the dog will find and start digging in the point of the ground where the truffle is located. At that point if the truffle is not too deep the dog will bring the truffle to the quarryman, if the truffle is too deep it will have to be excavated with a special hoe so as not to damage the ground. A fundamental thing even if it is unfair even if it is the dog that digs the truffle, the dog must never eat it otherwise it will no longer lead to the quarryman, in fact once the dog brings the truffle he will have to be rewarded with special food for him.

The quantity of truffles varies from year to year depending on the weather conditions, to be a good season the weather is essential and to make the quarry rich there must be a condition that in dialect is called “the hot cold” that is, periods of alternating rains to sunny days.

Norcineria Laudani is a guarantee of quality. All our products will allow you to bring the best of “Norcia’s cuisine” and typical products of our land to your table, so that you can always keep a little bit of Valnerina at home.

On our site you will find many truffle products, in fact in addition to fresh truffles there are truffle-based products such as: truffle oil, truffle pasta and truffle polenta.

The typical products of our territory, the freshly picked truffles and the autumn truffle on this page, can give their best when accompanied by other local and quality products. The summer truffle is one of the best ingredients for the menus of our festivals and village festivals.

Norcia Autumn Truffle harvesting period

The period in which you can proceed with the collection of the hook (Tuber Uncinatum Chatin) is from 1 October to 31 December, in practice it ends with the “end of the year” and its flavor is slightly more delicate than the Black Truffle but more understood than the summer truffle, what is normally called scorzone or Tuber aestivum.

The recipe we recommend you try is very simple and you can make it by following this video: Norcia truffle fettuccine. Here instead you will find dozens of tasty recipes.

Its collection does not take place in “delimited” areas but proceeds as is done with the summer truffle.


How to collect truffles

Our truffles are all from Norcia, from the neighboring municipalities and from some secret areas of our beloved Valnerina.

The dog is not born ready for the harvest, it is trained and, often, it is joined by dogs that have already been trained in the past, for him it is a game, a challenge, and at the end of the collection he is always given a reward.

If you want more information about the seasoning and distribution of cured meats, or if you want to organize the collection of truffles in Valnerina, as a real moment of more in-depth knowledge of the territory, we invite you to contact us to organize your visit to Norcia and thus prepare a tasting of cold cuts, cheeses and local delicacies.

The difference between the hooked truffle and the scorzone

The hooked truffle (Tuber uncinatum Chatin) can be defined as the more flavored and more mature “cousin” of the “summer” version, what is normally called scorzone. According to some, the Tuber Uncinatum is just a variety of the Tuber Aestivum.

The appearance of the autumn truffle is more marked, almost chocolate-colored if the truffle reaches its maturity.

Its smell, always fully ripe, is stronger and much more pleasant than the summer variant and, the uncinatum, is also tastier.

How to receive them at your home

Truffle shipments are available for both preserved truffles and fresh truffles. Place your order and decide whether to collect them on site or to request shipment.

The price varies throughout the season and we try to keep it up to date, also based on the collection period. Also for this reason we invite you to contact us by phone at the following numbers 33879253383388530222 to request the best available price.




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