The nocino



The nocino, the Italian liqueur

A bitter much appreciated by the Italian tradition is the Nocino, a liqueur appreciated for generations and much loved in the territory. Nocino owes its name to the main ingredient: it is produced using nuts and, as per tradition, there are various ingredients that flavor the final product.

Norcineria Laudani has chosen the Made In Umbria production with regard to this particular liqueur because, by verifying the ingredients, the raw materials and the final result, we can offer our customers a top quality product, excellent from every point of view.

If you want to bring on your table the Nocino Umbro, with an alcohol content of 30% vol.

Always in our territory and, with a tradition linked to propitiatory rites, sees as the initial date of preparation June 24, the feast of St. John.

The product is available in two variants:

– 20 CL version

– 70 CL version

Traditionally this liqueur is made in late spring or early summer, when the nuts begin their maturation and then it will be ready for the following winter.

The nocino is a liqueur of the Italian tradition that, as the name suggests, is prepared using walnuts and according to some you can also call the nocino of June 24 or for others the “Liquor of San Giovanni”, just in memory of the night of the summer solstice, when, during the night, we proceed with the preparation of the Italian recipe of Nocino. The artisanal preparation takes over 3 months between harvesting and use, giving the product a strong and decisive flavor with a “warm” taste, perfect for winter days.

In the liqueur that you can buy on this page you will find a few simple ingredients such as: water, sugar, alcohol, infusion of walnut husk, the dye with cramello (E150d) and other natural flavors.

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