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The bitter liqueur alla Genziana, as well as the Nocino, are very typical liqueurs and linked to the mountain territory. A liqueur, a bitter, much appreciated both for its taste and for its alcohol level, which is absolutely not high. Also widespread in Abruzzo where the homonymous plant is quite widespread.

The gentian liqueur is produced according to specific recipes using the derivative of the root of the Gentiana lutea plant. This skilfully processed species creates a product that stimulates the appetite and aids digestion. As a medicinal plant it has been cultivated since the Middle Ages. The important part of the plant are the roots: both for the bitter and fragrant taste, and for the digestive properties. It is widely used in liquor, for products like this.

Gentian grows spontaneously in certain areas, such as the Sibillini mountains, and it is a native plant. In this product, as anticipated, only the root of the plant is used. Thanks to the maceration, the aroma and properties will be transferred to the liqueur and a good processing will give rise to the right flavor.

The Gentian liqueur (bitter) is available all year round and is produced with the traditional recipe that includes among the ingredients: white wine, water, alcohol, sugar and the natural aroma of gentian at 2.5%.

The alcohol content is 22% alc / vol.

For information, we also mention the Gentian plant, from which the liqueur is created, in some areas (such as the Sibillini Mountains) it is a protected species and therefore its collection is prevented.

If you want to try making this liqueur at home you can discover the traditional Abruzzo recipe in this video.

Simple gentian liqueur recipe

For all those who want to try making it at home, we recommend following the instructions in the video of the recipe for gentian. For example, it is indicated that for an artisanal production the following doses can be respected:

  • 1 part of gentian root (example 50 g)
  • 10 parts of alcohol (500 g)
  • 10 parts of water (500 g)
  • 4 parts of sugar (200 g)

Once the ingredients have been prepared, we must have:

  • a pot
  • 1 airtight container
  • 1 filter
  • 1 funnel
  • several bottles to then bottle everything

At this point we begin with the preliminary preparation: insert the gentian root in our airtight container and add the alcohol. We let it rest for 1 month and a half away from direct sunlight (in a closet or cellar for example).

After the maceration time, let’s put the water and sugar in the pot, put it on medium heat and wait until all the sugar melts and we turn off the flame.

Once the liquid has cooled, we can combine the roots with the alcohol previously using our filter.

We mix well and then proceed with bottling, always using the filter together with the funnel.

We wait another 30-40 days and our product will be ready.

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