Sweet or savory Easter cheese pizza



Discover the Easter pizza, a typical product of Valnerina, available in two versions, sweet and savory.

Easter pizza is a product that is made in an absolutely traditional way by many companies throughout the Valnerina and is used, on Easter morning, for breakfast. Generally in the mornings of Easter and Easter Monday you can do some convivial activities with the family. We all come together to enjoy a rich and traditional meal after the Lent fast.

In addition to the Easter pizza you can also find loin, also called capocollo, boiled eggs, coral salami, lamb coratina and good wine in the breakfast.

Eggs are a product that we cannot certainly send you, but for everything else you can count on us to make a great and tasty Easter breakfast.

Buy Easter pizza with baskets

Within our ecommerce site you can find very specific packages to go and create your traditional Easter breakfast.

Look at the Easter basket package with ham or the small package for Easter flavor.


In our packages we also include pecorino, corallina, ham, legumes … many products of our territory.

The sweet and savory variant

This baked product is available in a sweet version and resembles, in many ways, a sponge cake, but it is much more compact, or it is available in a savory version.

The sweet version is typical of the Norcia and Valnerina area, it is used just outside these territories.

The salted Easter pizza, on the other hand, is a product widely used in most of Umbria and is made by adding cheese to the dough.


Discover both sweet and savory Easter pizzas, in the 300 or 500 g version.

All the info for the traditional post-Lent breakfast in Valnerina are here

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