Bitters and liqueurs


In our land there is a rich tradition also with regard to bitters and liqueurs, an example of which are grappas and liqueurs made with local products. We as located in Norcia can offer the following products, which are difficult to find elsewhere.

Bitter with fine black truffle

It is an alcoholic product made using the aromas of the prized black truffle of Norcia.

it comes packaged in an elegant gift box with a 70 CL bottle. The alcohol content is 30%.

The nocino

The amaro is produced using walnuts and, as per tradition, various ingredients that flavor the final liqueur.

This product has always been made in our territory and, with a tradition linked to propitiatory rites, sees as an initial date of preparation June 24, the feast of San Giovanni.

the alcohol content is 30% and the bottle is 70 CL

Norcina grappa with fine black truffle

Norcina grappa with fine black truffle

The alcohol content is 38% and the package is always 70 CL

Gentian liqueur

gentian liqueur is produced according to specific recipes using the root of the gentian plant.

Gentian grows spontaneously in certain areas, such as the Sibillini mountains, and it is a native plant. In this product, only the root of the plant is used which is left to macerate to give the liqueur the right flavor.


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Bitter with Black Truffle, Fine Black Truffle Grappa, Nocino, Gentian liqueur