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The Easter table: if you are looking for products that enrich the Easter breakfast we have created a special basket for you, take advantage and you will not regret it!

On Easter morning, thanks to pizza, salami, pecorino cheese and jam you can have a rich breakfast, both sweet and savory, with the taste of traditional products of the butchery, the taste of artisan cheese and the sweetness of a jam, a set of tastes to satisfy the whole family.

There are 2 proposals below, but the table can be prepared with a thousand other products and with a thousand other alternatives. If you are looking for a customized version you can search for ALL EASTER PACKAGES or you can contact us to ask for your customized version.

TASTE version

Easter tasting basket consisting of 1 Easter pizza, half coral, 1 Norcia jam of various flavors, half a wheel of semi-seasoned pecorino, 1/2 kg of pork sausages.

Complete version

Complete Easter basket consisting of 1 Easter pizza, 1 large coral, 1 wheel of semi-seasoned pecorino di Norcia, 1/2 kg of pork sausages.

Both versions are available with both the sweet Easter pizza and the savory cheese version.

The wicker basket is not included in the shipment. The product will be shipped in a special package.


Discover the history of sweet pizza or cheesecake, the Easter crescia.

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We are located in Norcia, in the historic center, so you can trust our packaging, they are all made with traditional products and we carefully check the quality of each individual manufacturer. Do you want to visit our butchery? Come and discover our CUTTING BOARDS. We are always open in Norcia, with continuous hours, so you can also take advantage of it for a different lunch!

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Tasting basket with sweet pizza, Complete basket with sweet pizza, Tasting basket with cheese pizza, Full basket with cheese pizza