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Broken spew is a simple processing of spew. It is a cereal that is part of the traditional foods of our Valnerina, where it has always been cultivated. The same is also recognized as a Traditional Agri-Food Product of the Marche,always in central Italy.

500 g size

It has ancient origins and can also be identified as the food of the Roman legions. Within our territory there are also areas where spew has received the qualification of PDO product.

This particular product is also suitable for vegan diets and obviously for vegetarians, it is not suitable for celiacs due to the presence, albeit minimal, of gluten.

On this page you can find the broken spelt of the farm

Use in the kitchen

Broken spelt is an ideal product for the preparation of hot dishes, such as soups and soups, but it is also good for the preparation of highly digestible dishes.

Do not be fooled by the denomination soup or soup, as it is an excellent product even for the summer period.

Especially if we talk about the semi-pearl spelt, available on this page, we can prepare excellent summer dishes, such as rice salad, replacing the rice itself with our spelt.

Broken spelt is a highly digestible product, but it has gluten (although in a smaller quantity than other types of whole grain cereals).

As we anticipated, speke is a product with very distant origins and has a good ability to adapt to mountainous terrain. It had great success in the mountain area in the area. Probably, also because it is a product that adapts well to the harshest climates and the most impervious soil conditions, speled has been recognized as the oldest cereal,representing the first type of cereal cultivated by man. In fact, there are signs that lead it back to the Neolithic period. Precisely from its name [farro] derives the basis of the word flour.

The use of broken spew

The Roman army at the time of the Empire approved this cereal as a meal for their troops. The components and organoleptic characteristics of the product, combined with the ease of storage, make it a food rich in carbohydrates. The “modern” kitchen uses it as an ideal ingredient for various preparations of tasty and healthy dishes.

Among the various recipes we suggest you try the classic spewed soup or the preparation of more special dishes, such as the vegetarian burger.

Try the recipe for spelt in classic burger or with saffron, click here to discover the recipe

An average portion of making the broken, from about 80 g, makes a caloric contribution of 270 kcal.

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