Legumes from Norcia and surroundings


Discover the best legumes and cereals from Norcia. Here you can see the list of products available for shipping throughout Italy.

Some legumes have been moved to other pages:

Lentil IGP from Castelluccio

Lentil from Valnerina

Farmer’s soup (mixed legumes) from Norcia




Black eye beans

Black beans

Red beans

Borlotti beans

Ciavattoni beans

Cannellini beans

Devils Beans

Pearl barley

Peeled red lentil

Semi-pearled spelled

Semi-pearled spelled

Broken Spelled

Puffed spelled with chocolate

Puffed spelled with chocolate


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Lentil IGP from Castelluccio, Roveja, Peasant soup, Ciavattoni beans, Black eye beans, Cannellini beans, Black beans, Borlotti beans, Pearl barley, Cicerchia, Chickpeas, Devils beans